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What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid, or molecule derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant (hemp, marijuana, cannabis.) CBD works differently than THC (the main constituent in cannabis) in that unlike THC attaching directly to receptors in the cells, CBD helps the body guide cell behavior by regulating the enzymes that break down the natural endocannabinoids we produce in our nervous and immune system. Thus, CBD helps “tone” the action of our immune and nervous systems. (This is why it is good for patients hoping to avoid medications that have a strong effect on organs, and the body.) Although these statements have not been verified by the FDA, my patients have reported pain relief, anxiety reduction, sleep regulation, GI symptom relief, and general calm when using my CBD. Its action in the body is a regulating action so it is a milder and safer form of cannabinoid. It has also been shown to aid in reducing some cancer cells,  detoxify the liver, and help patients reduce cravings and addictions.

It’s also important to note that cannabinoids are biphasic, which means they can the opposite effect on different individuals. CBD has been shown to have wakeful properties, but many of my clients say it helps them sleep. This may be due to the fact that it is primarily a regulator of our nervous system and seeks balance in cell behavior. Patients who find it wakes them up will take CBD in the morning. If it is sedative, they take it at night.

How does CBD interact with Medications and the Cytochrome P450 Enzyme?

Many people ask about CBD’s interaction with the Cytochrome P450 Enzyme which can alter the liver’s metabolizing of some pharmaceuticals. Generally, much higher doses are required to have a noticeable effect, but it is important to be aware of CBD’s action in the liver. It has been described as similar to the effect grapefruit has on certain medications so if you take medications that dissuade grapefruit use, a cautious approach to CBD is necessary. Although I have not had any clients notice a change in metabolizing their medication while using CBD, evidence suggests it can speed up or slow down the metabolizing. CBD has to be tried in order to determine how it will effect each individual, but my approach is if you are using potentially harmful pharmaceuticals, then a conservative approach to CBD may result in the reduction of these drugs in favor of the non-toxic, plant-based CBD. The way the human body receives CBD is as a regulator, so its effect shows a tendency to soften and aid in the body’s uptake of medication and our response to it. My CBD is very gentle and pure for this reason. The goal is to reduce symptoms, not add to them.

How are your CBD products unique?

CBD is a whole plant oil, contains other beneficial cannabinoids and omega oils, and will have a different effect on the individual depending on the source. My CBD infusions are designed to be a medical grade product and tend to be higher concentrations than others available. Although it is strong, rarely do my patients report feeling the altering effects at all. But when used properly, they do report reduced symptoms. What also makes my remedies unique is that I provide one on one guidance to you based on my work with hundreds of patients using my specific CBD remedies. My goal is to reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life and that’s why my contact info is on the label! I’m here to help, advise, educate, and heal. (Lab analysis of CBD oils is available.)

Where do you source your ingredients from?

I get my pure CBD from Holland-based farms that grows natural hemp specifically for high CBD oil. Many companies providing CBD are getting their product from industries that produce hemp products like rope and paper and the CBD can be low quality.

My CBD is pure, grown sustainably, and the oils I use are organic, with no extra additives, flavors, etc. As with cannabis, each type of CBD manufacturer’s process is going to be unique. I have worked one on one with many patients over the years to figure out which doses and methods work for reducing symptoms.

What is the difference between your types of infusions?

Although I make custom CBD formulas depending on the ailment, I have two main formulas:

  • One is CBD oil infused in Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, which patients use for a regimented, daily dose of CBD that penetrates deeply into the tissues and nervous system over time. COconut oil is better for inflammatory ailments and olive oil is better for mood/anxiety/cancer related ailments. Oil cleans and nourishes tissue and is good for topical use as well. Topical CBD can help regulate pain, spasms, bruises, and skin ailments. My formula contains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids besides CBD, making it more balanced and beneficial.
  • The other is a grain alcohol/glycerine formula which is better for fast-acting dosing with a sweet taste to address pain, anxiety, and other ailments more rapidly. This is a good remedy to carry with you for as-needed dosing in times of stress, anxiety, and pain.
  • I also sell pure CBD oil by the gram for vaping or topical use.
    It is beneficial for adding to medical cannabis in order to reduce the anxiety-inducing effects of THC and widening the spectrum of ailments addressed. It can also be vaped by itself.

Have further questions?

Here’s what a client who suffers from Lyme Disease and other ailments says about our CBD:

“Within 12 hours my joint pain was better and within a week it was completely gone! It also helped the back/neck pain I have had for years. I feel calm, peaceful, and optimistic about life lately and I think that might be, at least in part, due to the CBD too. CBD has changed my life.”

– M.A.

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