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Cannabis, Emotions, and Symptom Management

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I always tell patients to also use their mind to help address their symptoms. Cannabis, if used correctly, can help a patient open up to the present moment and help manage physical and emotional symptoms. This is a diary-entry format pep-talk for managing symptoms.

I acknowledge that I have pain. It is happening in the present moment, but I know that it does not define me. My pain, my sadness, my heart-ache, is a part of me. It is connected to me. But it is not me. I can go to the place in my body where I feel it and know that despite many cells relaying the pain message to me, millions of healthy cells are silently doing their best to remain in balance, to remain calm. They keep me thriving and healthy.

I also acknowledge that others experience pain and symptoms in ways that may be different than I do. Some people have great external beauty, but profound internal pain. Some suffer at night when others are asleep. Some suffer little and therefore lack empathy for others, making them feel lonely.

What I do have is my mind. I have the abundance of my thoughts, negative and positive, which are the culmination of millions of years of brain development. My brain is the most powerful, and complex entity in the known universe and I happen to have one. I have functioning circulatory, nervous, and immune systems. I have skin protecting me, bones to hold me up, and organs working around the clock to keep my alive. Bless them.

My pain makes me sad, mad, frustrated, confused, lonely, and humble. I feel it. I know it is in me, but it is not me. I will thrive. I will seek joy and positivity and supportive friends and family. I will rise above this pain and I will descend into other trials, but I am alive and I am grateful for what I do have today.

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