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Cannabis and Immune System Modulation


Here is a National Institute of Health funded paper looking at the relationship between immune response and cannabinoids. The research is new and much of the discovery and mapping of the function of our internal cannabinoids system has been instigated by studying the effects of smoking cannabis. (Meaning researchers didn’t set out to discover the myriad ways cannabinoids can help our bodies and brains.) What’s clear is that cannabinoids, both internally made, and those that come from the plant, help modulate cell behavior in our immune and nervous systems. Modulation means cell activity can be triggered to increase OR decrease. So, although we don’t know a lot about this system, the possibilities are there for cannabis to aid in reducing autoimmune diseases, aiding nerve issues and diseases like chronic pain and Parkinson’s, and helping to modulate our behavioral responses to such diseases.

It is important to remember that these links have not yet been definitively made in objective science, but the good news is we as humans get to observe and treat our health subjectively. If we are depressed by our ailments, and cannabis can modulate our depressive response and immune system, then proper medical cannabis dosing has a lot of potential to treat these issues holistically, and in a non-toxic way.

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