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Why Cannabis infused oil should be in your medicine cabinet


Evidence has shown that the topical use of cannabis infused ointments can reduce inflammation, relieve itching, and generally treat skin ailments. I have seen amazing results with a daily application of cannabis oil with or without THC. Patients have used it to address neuropathic pain and inflammation in arthritic joints, wrists, knees, etc. I prepare and use a coconut oil infused with cannabis which I apply to my eyes if they are itching with allergies, to insect bites, and to bruises and scrapes. I also prepare a Cannabidiol (CBD) oil which has helped reduce anxiety in some of my client’s pets! This oil is legal in all 50 states and I mail anywhere. Email me for more information. $40 for 250mg of CBD infused in Olive oil. Patients (and pet owners) report it is good as a topical, sublingual, and for cooking. Non toxic and non-psychoactive.

Recently, I strained the top of my foot by over extending it during exercise. I rubbed the cannabis oil onto the swollen area for about 5 minutes. The massaging alone is very helpful, but I found the swelling to be reduced almost immediately and within a couple days of applying the oil, my foot was feeling almost completely healed.

So, I have become a slow convert and recommend having a little jar of oil available for similar applications.

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  1. My wife takes a 50mg cap of hash oil everyday, and the relief for her arthritis, chronic back pain, and insomnia is so noticeable, as to be considered a miracle remedy.
    I, on the other hand, eat commercial cannabis edibles for my pains, (advanced stage 4 prostate cancer), in conjunction with the hash oil caps, and smoke about 100 mg of hash each day, and it helps make my days bearable.
    I have also used a cannabis infused local pain reliever, (similar to that shown), and got real relief, (I was building forklifts at the time). My hand and finger joints were so stiff at the end of the day, it was all I could do to open the container, then, fairly quick relief.
    We are Colorado residents.

  2. If you want it to penetrate deeper, apply the oil, then apply DMSO on top of it. Make sure the area is clean and your hand that you’re applying the DMSO with is also clean.

  3. Thanks for explaining that you should think about using cannabis to help with your skin. I had no idea that you can get cannabis that can help with that. I have very sensitive skin I wonder if I can find a cannabis product that will work well with my skin.

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