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Cannabis Studies and the Goal of Medicine

Alzheimer’s is a topic worth exploration because there have been many studies on the disease and cannabis has been shown to help some of the symptoms.

Some recommendations say cannabis should go into more complex clinical trials to help Alzheimer’s patients. I have a study right here from Frontiers in Pharmacology, a scientific study titled “Cannabinoids for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease” looking at all the data on cannabinoids and Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis Studies and the Goal of Medicine
Cannabinoids are actually chemicals that we produce naturally in our body and are mimicked by the plant, which produces cannabinoids that are almost identical to what we produce. The last sentence of their study says, “In conclusion, in light of the limited side effects exhibited by these compounds [cannabinoids], progress toward a clinical trial to test the capacity of cannabinoids to curb this neurodegenerative disease seems to be fully justified.”

Here are scientists just trying to understand what cannabinoids do in the system, and they’re saying this is a potential medicine. That’s a great study to start with, but you can also research online what cannabinoids can do for pain, nausea, and sleep. You just type in “cannabinoid,” “scholarly” because we’re looking for scientific articles, and then the ailment you’re dealing with.

What’s the goal if we’re talking about medical marijuana and cannabis in general? Yes, there’s the abusive side. But can we reduce symptoms, decrease unwanted medication, and increase quality of life? That should be a goal of any medicinal practice. When we think about that – the number of people in hospice, suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, cancer symptoms such as nausea, and anxiety – there’s scholarly, scientific data on the effects of cannabinoids on all these issues.

When used properly, cannabis is just a boring medicine. Most medicines originated from discovering plants, their uses, and then synthesizing them into pills. Cannabis is a powerful plant just in its raw form. Start with the science.

If you have a relative, especially an elderly relative who is experiencing chronic pain or nausea from too many medications, or is depressed in a terminal disease, that artificial joy from cannabis can be really profound for them. It’s important to bring the topic of cannabis use to patients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to explore it or wouldn’t know how because you can bring quality of life to them where some of the medications they’re on have failed.

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