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Finding Your Dosage “Sweet Spot”

It’s important to think about dosing and drug interaction. A lot of people start with, say, 20 milligrams of CBD. You’ll feel relaxed. But if we’re looking at scientific evidence for the reduction of anxiety using CBD, we are seeing 600 milligrams as a dose that reduces anxiety. I have many clients who are hypersensitive to medication or have severe anxiety – I would never start them off on 600 milligrams. I wouldn’t even start them on 20 milligrams.

Finding Your Dosage “Sweet Spot”

There’s something called a nonlinear-dose cure or a U-shaped dose curve. This means that a very low dose can be effective, but a higher dose can be weaker. You might find a sweet spot where the dose is effective, but then as the dose gets higher its effectiveness goes down to zero. I start clients who are hypersensitive to medication and anxiety on a half milligram of CBD. I’ve seen people have a strong response to that.

When using cannabinoids, it’s important to remember that our anxiety is subjective. Not everybody will respond the same way and even thinking about medication can make us anxious. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but I see it all the time. I must empathize with that. I have to say, “Look, don’t go into CBD fast and furious just because it’s available at every sort of vape store and you can find it anywhere.” It’s really important to work with somebody who knows what they’re doing and to ease into it.

Because of that nonlinear dose curve, you don’t know what your sweet spot is. It might be just a half milligram per day. That’s why I suggest a course of CBD. This is like taking a course of antibiotics, you take CBD for 30 days to really see how it’s going to get deeper into your system and affect your nervous system. CBD hovers outside of cells, toning them over time and allowing the nervous energy to stabilize.

For example, if you take 20 milligrams of CBD in a capsule you might miss that 2-10 milligram dose that’s really a sweet spot for you. But start with 20 milligrams and you may not get anything. That’s why I like to keep CBD in a liquid form separate from THC, so that you can micro dose.

If you go to a medical marijuana dispensary you will find a lot of one-to-one ratio products that have an equal amount of THC and CBD. There’s definitely evidence that the two working together can reduce pain. But THC can cause anxiety. So, if you need a high dose of CBD but you can’t tolerate a high dose of THC, you don’t want them going up at the same rate. You don’t want to take a one-to-one ratio product and get too much THC in your system. Some people will smoke marijuana and add CBD to buffer the effects of THC.

I always suggest keeping your CBD and THC separate, then you can mix and match.

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