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Medical Marijuana and the Mind Body Connection

If you’ve had a consultation with me you’ll know that I take scientific and medical studies very seriously, but I am also aware of cutting edge scientific thinking on the mind/body connection in terms of health and our perception of health. I love the medical marijuana field because it has real studies to back up its efficacy in terms of treating pain, PTSD, and balancing the nervous system (if not abused.) But the psychoactive side effects of marijuana are also tapping in to our cognitive and perceptual abilities to think differently about our pain as well.

When we take a drug like oxycotin for pain, we are grateful- despite multiple and possibly lethal side effects- for it acting on our nervous system and decreasing our pain, but we’re relying on a processed chemical that- unlike marijuana- has not developed molecules which latch on to receptors in our nerves and boost our natural response to stress and symptoms. The plant is developing these molecules to be used in its own stress response, so already we feel a closer connection to the plant. It’s as if the marijuana plant is also providing empathy as well as physiological benefits. On top of this, it opens our mind in a unique way.

Opiates allow us to close our mind to the things that cause us pain. Marijuana opens our mind to where we are in the present. Unless abused repeatedly, the mind/body enhancement of medical marijuana is unique to many pain killers. It helps our attitude about our pain, helps our nerves respond to pain in a more balanced way, and empowers us to feel like we’re a part of the healing process. We are encouraged by its benefits the way we’re encouraged by a loved one bringing us warm soup when we are sick. Unlike the medical establishment’s clinical, calculated response to your pain, marijuana has the potential to allow the patient to feel empowered, and to strengthen his or her own heeling through the symbiosis of the mind/body experience.

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  1. I would love to have a doctor like you. I have proven to myself many times that cannabis enhances my ability to feel ’embodied’ and fully connect with my movement. It is like adding the missing piece when used responsibly. Good luck convincing a medical professional of this. It is still a very misunderstood and maligned plant.

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