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How to store your medical marijuana

After marijuana has dried it can cure for one week to six months. As it cures, its harshness decreases, it gets more potent, and the aromatic bouquet becomes more complex. Sunlight degrades THC and the resins so often it is stored in dark brown jars, but I find those jars tend to get left out. My preference is to store medical marijuana in air tight, clear glass jars so it is nicely preserved, but encourages one to put them away in an out of way place. Think of marijuana as a prescription bottle- it is stored in a private, dark place.

Some people store marijuana in the freezer but I don’t think this is necessary. Freezing can cause freezer burn and make the plant matter dry and brittle.

Plastic bags or tupperware are surprisingly good at keeping medicine fresh, but let’s face it, it’s an expensive and cherished medicine. Why not elevate its status beyond the dime bag? Put it in a clear glass jar so you can gaze at it, keep it fresh, and keep it in the dark.

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