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Mitigating Appetite Stimulation caused from Marijuana
A variety of signals from your body tell your brain when your stomach is full. Photo Credit Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you’re nauseous and want an increased appetite, marijuana can be great. But if you are using medical marijuana for other symptoms and want to reduce the munchies that inevitably come after medicating, there are a couple techniques to help. Some strains increase appetite more than others so it’s good to experiment, but if the strain that works for your symptoms also increases appetite, one method is to use cannabis before a healthy meal so that the cannabis helps digest the meal you were planning on eating anyway. Another simple method is drinking warm to hot water. When we drink cold or iced water, our body needs fuel to warm the water up. This can make us hungry. But if we drink water that is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit the body does not require fuel to heat it, the water fills the belly and triggers the ‘full sensors’ in the stomach, and it also hydrates and cleanses the system. In the winter, hot water and cannabis can go hand in hand for maintaining nervous and immune system health, and to keep over-eating in check.

Plus, I learn all my common sense health tips from my wife, Brooksley Williams, who is the owner of Valley Ayurveda in Northampton.

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