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What’s The Right Cannabis Strain For Me?

In this photo taken Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Medical marijuana vials are displayed at the Venice Beach Care Center medical marijuana dispensary in Venice, Calif. Los Angeles politicians have tried and failed for so long to regulate medical marijuana that it was only a matter of time before voters got a chance to control shops that have proliferated. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

As a marijuana expert, many people ask me if I can tell them what strain to use for a specific ailment. Although some strains have specific effects like sedation, motivation, pain relief, and mood enhancement, it’s misleading to think that specific strains are silver bullets for common ailments. This is because the experience of ingesting cannabis is subjective. Strains and even methods of ingestion have to be tried, narrowed down, and eased into gently in order to assess their effect on the person. One marijuana strain a patient may swear by for insomnia can keep another patient up long after bed time. If your caregiver can’t guide you through the strain selection process as well as time of day ingested, state of mind while ingesting, etc. then you may find little relief from cannabis.

Although we want a world where we can take a magic pill and make our troubles go away, regaining health comes from a desire to try different things and being patient with the results. It also comes from lifestyle changes. If you drink a pot of coffee a day after sleeping in until noon you probably won’t find a strain of cannabis to magically make you fall asleep at night. That is what pharmaceutical companies are for. There is a place for pills and we are grateful for their existence if the net gain in health is positive.

Cannabis is more subtle and more forgiving to our health than pills, but it asks you to work along side with it. It is best used by those who are working closely with a cannabis professional, who are continually seeking a healthier lifestyle, who can make daily routine changes to support their health, and who can engage with a marijuana strain or product in a non-abusive way.

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