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Using the Regulating Effects of Cannabinoids

Using the beneficial Cannabinoids in cannabis in a healthy way around holiday meals can be as simple as using cannabis before eating a balanced meal. This will stimulate the appetite and stimulate the digestion. When a person goes to eat, if they have the munchies, then they’re going to be taking that healthy food in, not junk food.

If someone has cannabis and THC in their system, which can produce euphoria,  they may also diminish cravings for sweets and alcohol. Cannabis releases feel good endorphins in the body. These endorphins are what makes people crave sugar and alcohol- they also release endorphins which makes us feel good. So, a person can inhale something in the smoke form, then they’re not filling their belly. They’re not adding fat or sugar to their system. But they’re getting the good feelings from it. They are getting a sense of fulfillment- albeit THC-made- but it prevents needing to release endorphins from harsher substances and sugar.
Utilize Regulating Effects of Cannabinoids
Another approach to taking cannabis is by micro-dosing. If you’re passing your holidays in a big family gathering, then take your cannabis in oils. Remember the lipids, or healthy fats, are important, so we infuse cannabinoids in oils. Micro-dosing is to take oils into their system at a very, very low dose starting early in the day. They don’t feel cognitive impairment. They’re not getting stoned by just filling the belly with cannabinoids. Instead the oil is like a slow release pill and the body feels sated.

If smoking brings a high of 10 on a scale of 1-10,  micro-dosing of oils will limit this to 2 or 3. And this will decrease the social anxiety and stress, which come with the holiday gathering that promotes eating. The ensuing calm adds resilience so one doesn’t stress eat. If someone goes to a party and doesn’t know anybody there, they might just go to the food table and start eating. But if they take cannabis and feel comfortable with the effects of THC, they’ll find that their social anxiety is reduced and they don’t need to eat as much.

Oils and cannabis are a symbiotic pair.

Oils can be better than smoking when it comes to healthy holiday eating because oils are going to be a slow release of cannabinoids and they go into the gut where all the food is processed. When the oils are in the GI tract, they’re softening tissues, they’re allowing lubrication to occur throughout and they’re delivering cannabinoids to the tissues. They’re potentially bringing down inflammation if any IBS or Crohn’s or colitis or any inflammatory disease are in bowels. As the system calms, decreasing social anxiety and the stress of being at the party, then stress eating will hopefully go down as well.

Now over 30 states in the United States allow medical marijuana. Not all of them allow growing personal homegrown cannabis. Which is very unfortunate because this is the best way to access the widest benefits of cannabis. People can use the raw form, the raw plant as a food supplement. They really get to know the plant, when growing their own. One can utilize the leaves for the juicing. He or she can create raw cannabinoids. When they take in raw cannabinoids- THCA, they’re getting a regulatory and anti-inflammatory benefit as well. So they can take plant, mash-up leaves, mash up the buds on the plant, infuse them into an oil, and create a raw, non-psychoactive elixir to supplement they’re heavier foods.

Cannabinoid oil from the raw plant is not designed to actually get anyone high. The THCA benefits are specifically designed for the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects. Taking it as an oil in the gut, it’s going to hit those receptors that tell that the belly it’s full or not. Oils will allow you to eat less food. If someone is curious about growing cannabis and lives in an area where they are allowed to grow it legally, then reach out to me. It’s a fascinating and fun way to access this incredible medicine.

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