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Calming Your System with CBD

CBD is the sister molecule to cannabis. It’s the lighter, less psychoactive molecule. It’s also been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. It does this because it’s just interacting with a system in our body that already produces these chemicals.

Calming Your System with CBD

The chemicals from the cannabis plant are just mimicking the chemicals that we already produce in our body. It’s a very one-to-one system. The endocannabinoid system is the largest feedback system in the body. So, when we deliver CBD or THC to the body it’s acting on that system that regulates pain.

CBD is great because it actually mitigates and buffers THC. When you deliver CBD to the system along with THC you don’t get as high. You don’t have as much of an increased heart rate. There’s less of the paranoia anxiety effect that THC can cause. CBD is a lot subtler.

THC is something that you take into your system really quickly. It hits your central nervous system. You feel its effect on your body and you can feel the pain go down. Many people describe it as they can feel that the pain is still there, it just bothers them less. There’s a little bit of a buffer between their experience of the pain and their response to it. CBD is something that you really have to take over time, I believe.

We haven’t fully figured out how to use CBD. It’s not an FDA-approved drug. But I’ve worked with CBD in hundreds if not thousands of clients to come up with a right dose. We work one-on-one. They come to me. They use my CBD. I create my own formulations of CBD because there’s so many out there. It’s difficult to know what works, what doesn’t, and what is going to be the effect of one CBD over another.

Well, I know what mine does. I’ve worked with Irritable Bowel Syndrome clients, neuropathic and cancer pain clients, and so many people that I can better determine what the doses should be. Usually, I find that they have to take it systemically over time.

If somebody has an ailment like migraines, cluster headaches, or even menstrual cramps, CBD sometimes can be slow to interact with these pain triggers. THC can be better. So that’s why a lot of people who have migraines inhale cannabis because it goes really quickly right to the brain and can reduce the pain before it gets intense. Same with a period cramp.

But if you’re taking CBD oil then you can take it every day and the hope is that it buffers the pain before it comes on. It keeps it mitigated and reduced.

I get a lot of pain clients and they say, “Well sorry. I can’t use cannabis because I don’t want to get high and I don’t want to smoke pot.” You don’t need to. It doesn’t work for everybody. Cannabis is not a miracle pill or a miracle cure, just like opioids aren’t a miracle cure for people’s pain. You just have different options.

Some people find that applying the cannabinoid oil topically is what helps with their pain the most. Some people have bad hips or bad elbows or bad pain in their wrist or their ankles. When I formulate my oils, they’re both edible and topical. When I’m taking a dose, I’ll take it orally, say for a sore back. Then I’ll take my few drops and massage it into my back. And then the cannabinoid receptors that are at the pain site also receive that cannabinoid. If you have neuropathic pain in your toes, for example, you can rub the oil on your toes.

I have a senior client who took opiates for pain and really didn’t like them. She found that she was just a zombie. She tried cannabis oil and felt a buzz she didn’t enjoy. So, she started to put it on topically onto her hips. She had osteoarthritis, very painful hip. She found that after 30 days it was the most effective treatment for her pain.

To expand on that a little bit, you can imagine the effect when somebody has pain all over due to cancer. There’s a lot of oil treatments. There’s a lot of benefits there without the psycho-activity.

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