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Cannabidiol (CBD): The Self-Regulating Compound

In the past year, I have been mesmerized by CBD and how much it has helped my clients with symptoms ranging from pain, anxiety, symptoms of Benzodiazapine withdrawal, nausea, gut issues such as Chrohn’s disease, IBS, etc. Conventional medications have been reduced. This is great news!

But it is not a miracle drug. I personally use CBD to balance my cortisol levels, which like most modern adults, are elevated in the morning. The CBD in oil works great as a daily maintenance dose, building up in my system over time. But recently I felt that it was not working as much. I increased my dose of CBD, and it felt better. But after increasing my maintenance dose a couple times it didn’t feel right. My cortisol seemed to increase.

So, I tried something new. I went off completely to experiment. After a day or two, as the CBD dissapated, I felt my system come into balance again. Similarly to THC-dominant medical marijuana products, there’s a point where the cannabinoids regulate themselves. The body gets more than enough and a break is needed. It’s as if the CBD was self-regulating and needed to be reduced. This is why it is important to have medical marijuana advice, guidance and help. And it is also important to train one’s intuition in using medical cannabis products like CBD and THC. There is no consistent dose that works over time. Like the changing seasons, stress-levels, and our body chemistry, doses of CBD and THC need to be modulated and changed as well to get the best results.

Try the CBD oil I use:

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