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How CBD Oils Might Work for You

[transcribed from a Facebook live lecture]

When finding the correct dosage of CBD, it’s important to know thyself.

What is your comfort level with medications? How much do you trust the practitioner? If it’s just some dude selling you a bottle at a vape shop or something like that, it might be difficult to understand what CBD is. Ask them. They may be knowledgable. Get to know their sense of what that particular CBD’s effects are.

How CBD Oils Might Work for YouCBD is so subtle that if the CBD is too concentrated you might surpass the dose that works for you. Or, you might try it for a few days and find it doesn’t work at all and give up. It’s important to realize that CBD is a lot subtler and it requires you to meet it halfway – in terms of understanding yourself, your ailments, your response to medication, and how well you can tune into your body and feel the effects of the CBD. Different methods of getting CBD into your system can affect you in various ways as well.

CBD is just a supplement. It’s extracted from hemp, so you can buy it from, health food stores, and more. The key is what to take into your body, how much to take, and when to recognize whether it’s helping or hindering.

The simplest way to take a tiny dose of CBD is a bottle of oil. This is how CBD is typically sold, in something like coconut oil or olive oil.

Oils are a great start because they address the deeper systemic cell imbalance that you have in your body. If you take a maintenance dose of a CBD oil, those oils penetrate deep tissues that tone over time. After a month or more of regular maintenance usage, many clients need less of it.

It’s like therapy. If you go to therapy three times a week because you’ve had some traumatic event in your life, eventually you only need therapy once a week or once a month. CBD should be the same. You work it into your system and notice the changes and the toning.

People who take CBD for anxiety find that a certain dose works for them. Eventually, they start to feel a little anxious when they take that dose and know that means it’s a good time to reduce the dosage because it’s starting to flood their system with too much CBD.

Other people take CBD oil for stomach issues or IBS. It might help for a while, but then eventually they get a stomachache from it. The GI tract might just be saying, “Okay, we got the therapy. We have everything we need. Let’s take it on our own a little bit here. Give us a chance to utilize the toning effect of the CBD.”

It’s almost in the category of homeopathic medicine. We have to remember that it’s really important to have a connection to the medicine, to understand how it works, and understand how to utilize it.

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