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What is a cold-processed cannabis product? THCA CBDA


Cannabis that has never been heated has a different form of THC than heated, cooked, burned, or aged cannabis. Raw versions like fresh leaf, dried flower, and keif (the untouched trichomes that fall from flowers during processing) have THCA, and are much less psychoactive than heated versions. The molecule THCA (the precursor to THC) is a proven anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and cell health regulator.

Many describe raw cannabis products as non-psychoactive, but enough of any type of cannabis product will eventually have psychoactive effects because the body breaks down THCA and creates THC.

Strong solvents like grain alcohol dissolve the resinous essential oils of the plant and deliver the cannabinoids to the blood stream- often via capillaries in the mouth- without heating it.

The body receives the cannabinoids and gives the nervous system the calming, inflammation lowering benefits of the plant.

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