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Marijuana – An Underutilized Therapeutic

Cannabis creates pain relieving compounds

In today’s society, Marijuana is known for all bad reasons thanks to its psychoactive abilities.

Unfortunately, most of its therapeutic benefits are masked by its psychoactive effects that it create have, post consumption. It is important to know that psychoactive effects or the medicinal properties are largely strain dependent; chemical composition of these strains will make a particular strain, a pure medicine, or a simple herb that gets you high.

In ancient times, Marijuana was extensively used as a remedy for various disorders. But, as the time passed, its psychoactive properties were given more importance by the critics, which led to the downfall of its position as a medicinal herb. Today, a few scientific experiments have given a new life to the therapeutic properties of Marijuana. These days, few are growing Marijuana just for the sake of THC; and many growers have oriented towards the health benefits. Today, Cannabidiol(CBD), one of the cannabinoids present in Marijuana, is given special importance. This active ingredient is said to have a huge number of medicinal properties, with which, even the most dangerous health conditions like Cancer can be addressed. Experiments are being conducted every day, are giving unique and Marijuana-friendly results, which is now making people believe in the medicinal benefits of Marijuana.

Why is Marijuana underutilized as therapeutic?

Lack of right knowledge may be one reason. Having knowledge and having the right knowledge, are two different things, and when it is a sensitive topic like Marijuana, having the right knowledge becomes more important. Knowing about the dose is also important. Just because Marijuana is good for health, the quantity taken should be considered.   Some medical practitioners suggest Marijuana for various treatments. Consulting them would help you know, what quantity is the right quantity.

To reap all the therapeutic benefits of Marijuana, having some knowledge about different strains is also important. The two basic varieties of Marijuana, which are Indica and Sativa, have different properties and different effects on the brain. Under these varieties, there are different marijuana strains, which have varied properties. Before consuming any strain for a particular health condition, it is always better to consider Medical Marijuana practitioners or Marijuana experts. For example, a certain condition may need high CBD levels and low THC levels, but if you choose a wrong strain that has high THC levels for your condition, it simply means, you are welcoming unnecessary trouble. It is important for them to know that THC’s effects are mitigated by the CBD in strains that have a higher CBD ratio.

Note on right usage of Marijuana…

The basic principle behind using cannabis for therapeutic purposes is to start with the very low dosages and keep the consumption rate slow. This will help you study the effects marijuana has on your body and accordingly alter your dosage levels or change the strains. May it be CBD or THC, cannabis has certain effects on the user, and the impact is decided by various factors such as amount used, the method of consumption, the strain used, environment, biochemistry, mood during the consumption, and lastly the diet.

Marijuana Administration-

Two basic forms of administrations are inhalation and oral administration. Inhalation is the method with which one can experience a more instantaneous effect. In the case of inhalation, marijuana reaches the lungs, and from there it is quickly absorbed by the capillaries, and flows into the bloodstream…

Oral Administration is a convenient form of consumption, but the absorption rate is pretty slow when compared to inhalation. This form of administration also lowers the bioavailability of THC and CBD due to the extensive metabolism that happens in the digestive tract.

It is important for to be a responsible user. Cannabis has the ability to address hundreds of medical conditions only when you use it properly.



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