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Non psychoactive marijuana alternatives

Some patients want the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. This is challenging since almost all marijuana produced contains THC, the psychoactive molecule usually sought after in the plant.

There are ways of reducing the psychoactive effect however as heating the THC molecule makes it stronger. Some don’t like to eat the plant raw and worry that it will be difficult to digest, but since the plant has been used medicinally for centuries, consuming the dry or raw plant is common.

One method is to grind sugar leaf- the trimmed leaves close to the flower- and make capsules out of the powder. This way the capsule is ingested and slowly takes affect as it’s digested. The medicinal effects will be gained, but will be slower to come on and will be a milder psychoactive than heating the cannabis. Gelatin capsules and a capsuling kit can generally be found at a health food store.

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  1. Dear all,
    I suffer from fibroids in my uterus and clinical depression, I have read thay the CO can help dissolve tumors and help with depression and anxiety. Do you sell the CO oil..? Non psychotropic as I must work..? What is the cost per month..?

  2. Hi Elsa, thanks for your comment. The CO can help with depression and anxiety depending on the mixture of strains in the oil. There is also some evidence that tumors can be reduced with canabinoids such as THC and CBD. Small, daily doses can potentially provide relief with little or no psychoactivity, but it would have to be delivered over several months to enter deeply into reproductive tissues. Typically, a 2oz jar of oil might be $50-$60 and would last a month, but laws don’t allow us to treat patients currently.

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