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Thanks to the passing of question #4 in MA, marijuana will be legalized for adult use in 2017. I will be conducting medical marijuana classes for adults. Join my mailing list below for more info.


April 20, 7pm-8:30pm: “Cannabis and Ayurvedic Medicine” at Valley Ayurveda; 46 Norwood Ave. Florence, 01062: $20 I will explore the ancient  roots of medical marijuana via the traditional medicine of India: Ayurveda. Knowing the concepts and practices behind Ayurveda as they apply to “vijay” (cannabis) helps to better understand using the plant in a practical, safe and medicinal form.  The event will be held at Valley Ayurveda, owned by my wife, Brooksley Williams. Space is limited. Register at Valley Ayurveda.


May 7th, 11:30am-2pm: “Cannabis Cultivation Workshop” At Blue Dragon Apothecary in Greenfield, MA: $40  This workshop will be a 2.5 hour comprehensive introductory class on growing legal medical marijuana for adults. I will cover regulations, acquiring and sprouting seeds, cloning, growing and training plants indoors and out, harvesting, curing, storing, and preparing homegrown cannabis. Click here to register by email.


May 10th, 6:30pm: “Cannabis In Community” at the Forest Park Community Meeting held at the Thomas J. Sullivan Banquet Hall in Springfield, MA.” FREE EVENT.
This lecture will cover current law, issues such as cannabis and youth, addiction, marijuana edibles, the future of cannabis in Massachusetts, as well as the scientific studies detailing its medical effectiveness for ailments such as pain, nausea, sleep, and epilepsy. Directions to Thomas J. Sullivan Banquet Hall



May 26th, 7pm: Film Screening of “Confessions of a Cannabis Consultant” in Northampton (event by Donation to support the Survival Center, Northampton) at Ashtanga Northampton, located in the Fitzwilley’s Building, Northampton, MA Suite 210.
This short film, by filmmaker Mark Dugas, details what I do as a cannabis consultant and the outcome of the 2015 DEA raid on my home and subsequent court appearance. I will have a QnA after the 15 minute film as well as speak about the endocannabinoid system and the medical efficacy of cannabis to reduce opiates and address pain.


I also conduct classes on an appointment basis. If you are a group of friends, health service provider, or institution I am available for classes and lectures on site. If you are a patient in need of growing help or medical marijuana education I teach classes to small groups and I also do individual consultations.

Join my mailing list to hear about classes coming soon. Or, like my facebook page. As the state of MA votes on recreational cannabis in 2016, I will be conducting classes on growing, cooking, dosing, making remedies, etc. on a more regular basis.

See my blog posts below for more education.

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