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Why speak to a professional cannabis consultant?

Ezra Parzybok

Medical Consults: Used properly, cannabis can replace medications and reduce symptoms. If the medical marijuana patient is not informed about what particular strains do, what specific products to try, or how to properly dose with the products, the treatment can be frustratingly ineffective. Some patients use products from the dispensary but they aren’t working. Others need guidance about what CBD to buy or what to ask for in a medical marijuana dispensary. Often parents are worried their children are smoking too much “medicine” and not evolving in their lives and careers. Where some health professionals know nothing or refuse to talk about cannabis, I understand the healing properties and the harms of this complex herb.

I have helped patients deal with symptoms associated with neuropathy, cancer treatment, chronic pain, mood disorders, autism, and rare auto-immune diseases, and opioid reduction. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for cannabis, but with proper guidance, I am confident I can help you reduce your symptoms, increase your quality of life, and reduce harmful medications. Email me or fill out an intake form.

Consultation Fees

  • In person, Skype/Zoom or phone consultations (0-90 mins.) are $100 with free follow-up email, phone and text questions answered for 2 weeks
  • Ongoing cannabis consulting (for young adults or patients needing further cannabis consultation) is 10 mins. for free or $50 for a 30 minute session.
  • On-site Grow Consults are $100 per hour plus travel time.

For home growing consults, please fill out an intake form. I can teach to groups online, at your home, or at my private space in Florence, MA. Learn More >

For Expert Witness Reports/Testimony; I serve as a cannabis and marijuana expert witness for defendants charged with possession or intent to sell. Please contact me for details.

For Cannabis Business Consultation: If you are interested in setting up a applying for a Massachusetts marijuana license, need a business plan or you want your organization to learn the facts on cannabis I can help. I advise in best practices, patient and community education, bud-tender training, as well as speaking to towns on behalf of marijuana business applicants. Each town can make their own regulations so having a professional speak to a town about regulations that suit the cannabis business as well as the community are important. Please email me or fill out an intake form.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer that quickly metastasized to my bones and liver, putting me into stage 4. The recommendation from my doctors was chemo for the rest of my life. Searching for complimentary medicine and modalities that would help…continue

Valerie, Client

My oncologist supported my decision to supplement my therapies with medical marijuana. I had little knowledge coming into the process and Ezra's friendly manner put me immediately at ease. He was able to educate me about which form of medical marijuana I needed for…continue

Nancy, Client

When I met Ezra, I had more questions than answers, but I did have a belief that use of medical marijuana could provide my health with positive advantages. He answered my questions with scientific data to backup his statements with…continue

Judith, Client

Ezra is THE go-to person for marijuana consultation.  He is an expert on every aspect of using the plant. This is a wide area to cover for the inexperienced user and help is definitely needed.  Ezra provides valuable information with everything…continue

Patricia, Client
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