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6 evidence-based health benefits of hemp

Did you know that hemp was among the first plants that our ancestors cultivated? It is its sheer abundance of benefits and nutrients, which has made hemp a favorite for centuries. With recent research and passing of the Hemp Farm Bill 2018, it is becoming a household name. Are you planning to make a few lifestyle changes to get healthy? Here is how incorporating hemp into your daily life can do wonders for you:

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  1. Food for skin:

Doesn’t everyone yearn for healthy and glowing skin? If you also wish to have soft, supple, and glowing skin organically, hemp can help you achieve it. Hemp seed is a rich source of vitamins A and E, which can play a major role in repairing dry skin. The amino acids present in hemp help in synthesizing collagen and elastin. It is these two crucial elements that work hard to keep you looking younger. If it is sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles that keep you up at night, giving hemp oil a try might nourish your skin.

How to use it:  Make hemp seed a part of your diet. You can also take hemp oil orally in the form of tinctures or capsules, or apply it directly onto clean skin.

  1. Keeps your heart in good shape:

What makes hemp so popular is the fact that you can use it in innumerable ways. Hemp seeds have an abundance of Omega-3 and Omega-6, which the medical fraternity believes to be miraculous for the heart. You can also keep blood pressure in check by taking hemp seeds, for it contains arginine, which ensures that the blood vessels are in good shape. You too might be able to keep heart ailments at bay, by including hemp in your daily diet.

How to use it: Take a spoonful of hemp seeds directly or add it in your food.

  1. Builds you up:

We all grew up learning that protein is the building-block of life. While the non-vegetarians can find ample proteins from meat and eggs, it becomes difficult for both vegans and vegetarians to cover it up. Hemp, or hemp seeds to be precise, are the best way to get proteins from a plant-based diet. 25% of the calories of hemp seeds come from proteins; it can help you build up your bones, muscles, and blood.

How to use it: Add hemp seeds over your salad, cereal or even smoothies.

  1. Regulates hormones:

While half of the population is unaware of it, women fight a silent battle with themselves each month. If you are a woman, you must be aware of the hormonal fluctuations that happen before and during periods. Hemp can help you cope with the symptoms for it contains GLA. A study by Bioriginal Food and Science Corporation, Canada shows that Gamma-Linolenic Acid or GLA can regulate hormones. The symptoms of PMS occur due to hormone prolactin, whose effects can be countered by GLA. It works similarly for women who are in the phase of menopause.

How to use it: To relieve menstrual cramps and other symptoms you can try using hemp oil orally and topically by massaging the oil onto your lower abdomen.

  1. Reduces inflammation:

As per a study by the Wake Forest School of Medicine, hemp has anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp is rich in fatty acids like GLA, and also the Omega-3 and Omega-6; all three are known to reduce inflammation. Our body converts the Gamma Linolenic Acid into compounds that can take care of the inflammation in the body. So, whether you are battling with arthritis or nerve damage, eczema or acne, hemp may become a source of relief for you.

How to use it: You can add a few drops of hemp oil into your food, like salad or pasta, or consume it directly. Applying hemp oil on the affected area might alleviate inflammation.

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  1. Takes care of your brain:

Full-spectrum hemp oil comes not just from the seeds but also from the plant matter, which is why it contains CBD. CBD is a chemical compound found in marijuana too, and you can attribute it for all the medicinal properties of the plant. Due to the presence of CBD content in full-spectrum hemp oil, it can act as a neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory agent. With regular intake of hemp oil, the chances of developing neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s might go down.

How to use it: Take full-spectrum hemp oil and pour a few drops under your tongue. Swallow it after holding for 30 seconds, for it to absorb into the veins under your tongue. If you like to smoke pot, you can even opt for budget buds to get some relief from inflammation.

Hemp has become a household name by now. From having a plethora of nutrients to giving endless health benefits, hemp is emerging as an effective, yet natural way to heal. Be it the seeds, oil, or fiber; you can make your life better with hemp.

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