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Taking a Break from Cannabis

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Twice a year I participate in a week long nutritional cleanse via my wife, Brooksley Williams’ business, Valley Ayurveda where I abstain from alcohol, sugar, caffeine, all food except Dahl and rice (a traditional diet from India) and marijuana. I am not a heavy user of marijuana because, thankfully, I do not have any of the severe medical conditions which are alleviated by the use of marijuana. Primarily, I use it for insomnia, digestion, and anxiety but I know that addictive substances such as alcohol, sugar and marijuana are to be treated with respect and moderation. Doing a cleanse twice a year and taking a break from these substances not only helps our immune and nervous system detoxify, but enhances our experiences of the substances when we finish the cleanse. As I recommend to patients who have a high tolerance due to heavy use, taking a break from marijuana allows the body to need less, and to experience it in a fresh and clear way.

I feel for patients for whom copious amounts of marijuana is the only way to symptom relief, but if you feel comfortable taking a break, then ‘sweeping up’ a couple times a year is the way to go.


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