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Cannabis Christmas


Image from High Times.

In my talks with patients about their perception of marijuana- especially smoking- the stereotype comes up a lot about the  “pothead” who is lesser, or lazy, or not deserving of the medicinal effects of cannabis. But if you are a productive adult with a career, children, a mortgage, and symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, etc. then you should be allowed to separate yourself from the 20-something potheads and acknowledge that you deserve to use cannabis to manage symptoms. And you will use it responsibly, especially around the holidays. Holidays are a time when we see family members and revisit family dynamics that can exacerbate trauma. Try not to think of medical marijuana as an escape, but rather as a buffer from the stress- and copious alcohol-of holidays that allows you to be more engaged with family, more in the present moment, and more who you really are without debilitating symptoms. If you take a small dose of tincture, ingest an edible, or have to go out to the garage to take a couple puffs, then know that you have every right to seek joy, calm, and contentment through cannabis when it is hard to access in your life. You are not alone.

If you abuse the drug by smoking all day, every day, then the holidays probably won’t be that different for you. There are 40,000,000 cannabis users across the country and they have chosen a non-toxic, proven anti-inflammatory, proven anti-emetic, proven sleep-aid, to “take the edge off” as others do with alcohol.

Enjoy responsibly and enjoy the holidays!

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