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Clarifying CBD rules

Ezra's Whole Plant Cannabinoid CBD formulas
Ezra’s Whole Plant Cannabinoid CBD formulas.

Recently the Drug Enforcement Agency changed its wording on “extracts” and “concentrates” made from the cannabis plant. Some have feared that this change means that Cannabidiol (CBD) is illegal to buy, sell, and ship. I reached out to my local cannabis lawyers as well as the legal team at the publicly traded company that provides the CBD for my infusions. They assured me that Cannabidiol is protected and still legal under earlier rulings from 2004. The DEA challenged the hemp industry under similar circumstances over a decade ago and lost in court. Hemp products are still protected under that ruling, including CBD.

Thus, I will still make CBD products and sell them to patients in need of help with pain, anxiety, GI tract issues, etc. I continue to ship my CBD all over the country.

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