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Marijuana tolerance and new users


We often think that because we get a pill in a lab-tested  dose that it will have the same effect on us every time or that it will affect everyone equally. It’s not hard to understand why tolerance and perception of a drug is different for everyone when we vary by weight, eating and sleeping habits, and disposition, which can affect one’s anxious (or up) response and one’s depressive (or down) response to a drug.

Low Tolerance:

Marijuana is no different. New users are encouraged to ‘start low and go slow’ when using marijuana for symptoms as there is a sweet spot (a proper dose for the individual) that allows for medicinal benefit, reduced pain, enhanced nervous and immune system balance, but no unwanted depression (from a down or Indica strain) or anxiety (from an up or Sativa strain.)

I recommend being conscious about the context of your medicating. If you’re an experienced user, you might be smoking at random parts of the day, watching a lot of TV high, and not zeroing in on the healthiest time to medicate. New users, especially those who are working with the drug medicinally, can often get more benefits from the drug because they’re starting from a place of consciousness and health. I believe if you know your strain, its effects, and your daily schedule of energy ups and downs, you will derive more therapeutic and mood benefits from medical marijuana.

High Tolerance:

If you have found that your dose of medical marijuana is no longer having a strong effect on your symptoms then you may find yourself in a similar situation as those having to take more and more narcotics in order to reduce symptoms such as pain. This should not be the goal of marijuana. If your symptoms enable you to do so, it is recommended to either switch to a new strain to update your tolerance, or take a break for medicating for a few days to a week every few months. You may have some withdrawal symptoms such as irritability but they tend to be less than with over the counter narcotics. The benefit is you will decrease your tolerance, allowing the medicine to reduce symptoms when you start medicating again, and you will allow the body to recalibrate its own healing potential.

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