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My Guideline on Vaporizers


There are so many vaporizers out there, but I have a really basic rule of thumb for purchasing one.

I say if you are completely unfamiliar with them, start with a cheap one.

If you’re a vaporizer connoisseur and you’re very capable of working with them, then you might want to go to that $100-$400 vaporizer. What I observe with clients is that some people will invest $300 in a vaporizer. But when they get home and start using it they realize that they just don’t like it. They don’t like how they inhale from it. They don’t like how they load it. They don’t like how they have to clean it. Using cannabis products and apparatuses is a very subjective experience.

If you start with something under $100 it may be a little bit lower quality, but it does give you the basics. You’ll learn what you want after working with it. Another thing I’ve gotten used to just in the last year or so is using vape pens.

Vaporizing takes the cannabinoids and heats them to a temperature that turns them into a vapor. It’s like an oil steam; the vapor is not combusted. It’s not burning the chemicals off. A vaporizer pen only takes the oils with THC and CBD. It removes the plant matter. Thus only the oils are inhaled. These vape pens are much simpler devices. Often, you just screw the cartridge on and replace them very easily. You’re not cleaning out old vaped dry matter that’s stinky and sticky. Vape pens can deliver THC or CBD very easily.

If you go to the CBD page on my website, you can see my CBD vape pens. They’re very simple. They charge easily. They’re the size and shape of an actual pen. So that’s a good place to start. It’s $60 for a whole kit already loaded with CBD, so it’s way cheaper than some vape pens. I will admit that there are even cheaper systems out there. The difference is that with mine, you’re getting my cannabis education. You’re getting my guidance and support in their use. If you don’t like the pen or if you’re not getting the results you want, talk to me. I’m here to help.

There’s also a lot of debate on which is safer: vaping or smoking. Essentially, when you combust cannabis, you’re burning it and creating smoke. Smoke has carbon monoxide, ash, and soot. These are not healthy things. Vaporizing is just the vaporized cannabinoids. It’s a cleaner, simpler molecule. It doesn’t have the carbon monoxide in it. In my opinion, vaping is a little bit healthier for the lungs than smoking cannabis. But it’s important to remember that moderate smoking of cannabis is not linked to disease. It’s far healthier than smoking or using any form of tobacco. I have more in depth post on it here.

Vaporizing is not free of potential negative effects. It is delivering very hot vapor to your lungs. You have to suck hard on a vaporizer which compresses the lungs. There are negatives to vaping, but both vaping and smoking cannabis are so much healthier than smoking cigarettes. Most people are taking a few hits a day versus a few cigarettes a day.

My advice is if you want to heat and inhale cannabis flower, then smoking is basically safe and so you don’t need to vaporize. If you want a cleaner and more private experience, or if you like the convenience of a pre-loaded vape pen, then vaping might be right for you. All forms of ingestion have advantages and disadvantages.


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