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The Problem With Cannabis Edibles

A photo of an edible marijuana candy above a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup shows how similar they look. Photo: Courtesy of Smart Colorado.

Pot brownies are a cultural phenomenon that most people are familiar with. But, although I am upfront with my children about medical marijuana and what adults use it for, I do not recommend creating any cannabis product that could be attractive to kids. I also believe in the health benefits of cannabis, so if you’re putting it in unhealthy food, then you’re missing the point.

My children could not be less interested in dried cannabis flower, but as this article from Denver about increased visits to emergency rooms points out, edibles can deliver a very inappropriate dose to an adult or child or pet, especially if it’s in a delicious treat.

Although I believe it is an adult’s right to use cannabis medically and recreationally, as we do with alcohol, caffeine, sugar, shopping, and other potential vices, my goal, both personally and professionally, is to bring consciousness to a healthier, more spiritual, and more community oriented level. It is hard to do this with candy and an unknown dose of a strong drug such as marijuana. It is important for members of the cannabis industry to be conservative in their approach to edibles, and be compassionate for those who are unfamiliar with the intensity of cannabis.

See my post on overdose, and as always, use cannabis responsibly. When in doubt, call me!

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