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Smoking Cannabis Tips

Although smoking marijuana is the most common and stereotypically frowned upon method of medicating with cannabis, some argue it is the most effective and easiest to control in terms of dosage. The effects are felt almost immediately. The difference is often in the method of smoking. I personally find that smoking a joint is a recipe for ingesting too much because the buds are ground small, one tends to smoke more than one needs, and the joint is generally messy. Using a small pipe with a small bowl for holding a single small bud, or a “bubbler,” which cools the smoke by passing it through water, is a more effective and regulatory method of medicating. To help the lungs from over heating or getting inflamed, a normal breath should be taken as opposed to holding the smoke in the lungs for too long. After one inhale, wait ten minutes to feel the effects. If the high is coming on strong, then it will increase for a half hour or so and last from 1-3 hours.

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