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Suggestions for My Clients Who Don’t Smoke

My favorite clients are the ones who have never smoked pot.

I love people who have absolutely no baggage that they’re bringing into the session with me, so I can really ease them into the experience of cannabis as conservatively and appropriately as possible. My suggestion is to always start with CBD first.

CBD is a much gentler molecule. It’s a proven anxiolytic. It is proven to bring anxiety down, so if you’re somebody who’s never used cannabis then you might find that CBD is all you need. You don’t need to smoke pot.

It’s important to remember that a low dose of THC can be calming and sedative. It can reduce anxiety, but a higher dose of THC can actually increase anxiety. This happens all the time. Some clients who are experienced with medical or recreational marijuana can smoke cannabis after work and love it because it helps them calm down. After a few months or even a few years, that same dose that used to calm them down is all of a sudden making them anxious.

Something’s happening in their endocannabinoid system. It’s saying, “All right. It’s time to find a different way of reducing your anxiety right now.” I suggest they go off the THC and increase CBD, the decaf cannabis that really tones the endocannabinoid system to have a softer effect and reduce anxiety. If CBD alone does not work for you, then here’s where we parse out how you might use THC.

If you smoke THC, it goes into your lungs and right up to your brain where you’re doing all your thinking. That’s where all your anxious thoughts are. That’s a great way to increase anxiety. But if you take oil and ingest that through your GI tract, it first goes down into the belly. Our belly is what researchers now are calling the second brain because we have trillions of neurons there. That’s why we have a gut response to things. That’s where we often feel our nervousness. We have ‘butterflies in our stomach.’ That’s what I call the seat of anxiety. If you have a sedative strain of cannabis that you take in the form of an oil, and then you ingest that into your GI tract, that oil is going to slowly get released in your body. The sedative strains will calm or sedate the second brain first. Then, the second brain sends feedback to the first brain saying, “Hey, we’re not on fight or flight response. We’re doing okay. We can calm down.” That’s a way that you could have reduced anxiety using THC.

I would also say that if CBD has not worked for your anxiety, I would imagine that there are dosing methods that could be helpful. You can ask that privately from me. That’s why I do consultations with people as I try to unravel what is actually causing their anxiety and how they’ve used CBD in the past. The dose spectrum for CBD is unlike most pharmaceuticals. For some, 1mg is enough to feel symptom relief. For others, they need 60mg a day for a month for symptoms to be regulated. Many try CBD and think it is useless because they haven’t mapped out the proper dose over time.

It’s often a complex puzzle that has to be unraveled by an informed practitioner. That’s why I love to talk to people who are not aware of the full spectrum of how to use cannabis. When done right it’s a powerful regulatory herb that can reduce unwanted medications and increase quality of life.

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