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Grow Help For Legal Medical Marijuana Patients in Northampton, MA area

I have been consulting with some medical marijuana patients on their legal in-door grows so they can have quality, organic medicine from a reliable source- themselves!

I think of the field of in-door growing, like gardening in general, as a tree with many branches. All the branches will get you to the green leaf you’re trying to find, but there are many ways to get there. Often, someone who is experienced with one aspect or method of growing will have gaps in their knowledge as they venture in to new territory, or may not know a critical piece of information that can help them achieve greater results in the space they’ve been growing in for years.

As the Medical Marijuana laws evolve and change in the state of Massachusetts I believe patients’ (and eventually recreational users) best bet for quality Cannabis is to grow it organically in their own homes. Most patients don’t need a large amount so with a space roughly four feet by eight feet, one could have a germination, a vegetative, and a flowering area.

What I can do is help determine space needs, and walk a patient through the steps required to have a successful, replenishing garden. Contact me for details.

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