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How to Grow Medical Marijuana in One Easy Step


If you’re a medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts, and since there are no dispensaries yet, growing your personal medicine is an option. But many first time growers can get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about how to grow correctly. When I worked in a hydroponic store I spoke with hundreds of growers and found that there is literally an infinite number of ways to grow successfully. There is no one correct way. So to calm the frenetic minds of new growers overwhelmed by the possibilities in terms of nutrient selection, grow medium, lighting systems etc. I would always say, “The best next step is the step that you feel most comfortable with.”

If you are a gardener already then plant a seed and see how it does. As you grow you’ll learn so much about what does and doesn’t work. If you’re growing now and want to take it up a notch in terms of quality then only add in to your system what feels easy and manageable; a little more light, or a flower booster nutrient, or a richer soil. Growing is a very intuitive activity, as most gardeners will tell you. You get out in to your garden because it feels good and you notice something needs to be done. The marijuana plant will tell you what it needs, and as you learn, you will get better about knowing what the next step is.

If all else fails, call me up and I’ll point you in the direction of your next easy step.

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