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Top Tips for Growing Your Own Marijuana

– Samantha Waites
(sponsored guest post)

The legalization of recreational and medical marijuana throughout the United States has given way to amazing dispensaries, such as Studio City dispensary. But it has also opened the doors for people to grow their own at home.

Growing your own plants is a time-consuming venture, as they require attention and, in some cases, specialized knowledge. This is a helpful guide to growing your own marijuana at home.

Seed VS Clone

When starting out you are presented by your first choice, seeds or clones? Clones come with benefits but are a risky industry to attempt. Clones can contain diseases and weakness that the mother plant had, so it if you are going to go down that route, make sure you get a clone with a fully traceable history.

Seeds are a longer process, as you need to nurture them from the very beginning, but they can avoid certain issues that come from clones. They also allow for the next tip.

Choose Feminized Seeds

Only female plants produce bud. Feminized seeds are genetically enhanced to contain no male chromosomes, which gives the grower the knowledge that all their plants will be female. And therefore, produce bud.

Choosing feminized seeds will also save you the time of identifying males in your grow and removing them.

Quality Soil

Many think a plant is just a plant, regardless of where it grows. This could not be further from the truth. If you are looking to have a quality grow, you will need quality soil. Add quality fertilizers and boosters to this for even better produce.

Plenty of Light

More light means better produce. Plants need to photosynthesis in order to survive and thrive. You are not about to receive a biology class, although you should know that not all light is equal. Nor do they need the same amount of light during the day (when growing indoors). Make sure you research what lights are best for your set up.

Air & Ventilation

When you are growing indoors, it is essential to maximize airflow, as this keeps the quality of the air and prevents mould from growing on your plants. Find a ventilation and fan system that suits your set up for maximum ventilation and air flow.

Temperature and Humidity

Optimal temperature and humidity will greatly benefit your plants. If temperatures are too low, your plants can suffer from health problems. The same can be said if the room is too hot. Maintaining an ideal temperature throughout each stage of the growth and during the day/night will optimise your produce.

Using humidifiers and dehumidifiers you can keep the humidity levels adequate for your plants. The plants will prefer higher humidity during the early stages, and less when it comes to flowering. Less humidity during flowering also helps prevent mould.


Our final tip is to research everything. Find forums to find out which are the best genes to use, the best fertilizers or set ups to start growing your own. Never be afraid to ask questions.

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