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There is a widespread spectrum of knowledge and acceptance of cannabis as a medicine. It is not approved by the FDA, so it I am not giving medical advice. I am giving opinion based on first amendment rights. I believe there are two basic paths in treating disease with this versatile herb. Common in palliative care, cannabis has been proven to help with symptoms such as pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, mood elevation, and inflammation.

There is also promising evidence, both from the laboratory and anecdotally from patients, that treating a disease more aggressively with different forms of cannabis can mitigate and sometimes cure acute diseases such as crone’s disease, cancers, arthritis, etc.

Treating symptoms with cannabis is straight forward in that if you try it and it works, then you can increase your quality of life with a non-toxic substance. Treating a disease underneath the symptoms requires effort from the patient as well as the caregiver in order to effectively deliver beneficial cannabinoids deep in to the body.

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