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Educating medical marijuana patients and professionals to improve the quality of care in our community.

It is my goal to help adults understand this age-old plant and to break cultural stereotypes by being as upfront, helpful, and open as possible. You will understand what types of strains are helpful for your condition and how and when to use the strains.

  In 2001, I had a hernia operation that left me with nerve pain in my iloinguinal nerve. Among other modalities, I saw many doctors, a physical therapist, a physiatrist, a cranio-sacral therapist and an acupuncturist. I tried a number…continue

After consultation with Ezra, he suggested I try one particular hybrid of cannabis to smoke, with detailed instruction how to do it medicinally. Also, he suggested I take a tincture of another hybrid that I would ingest orally. For the…continue

I want to express my happiness at my knee swelling and pain reduction after using Ezra's recipe for medical marijuana CBD oil. I felt pain relief from the oil right away,  but the important result from using the oil I have…continue


"It works. Marijuana has helped me tremendously with asthma, grief, and heart issues. I never consumed marijuana before and then a friend suggested that I seek our Ezra for a consultation. My asthma was out of control and I was emotionally and…continue


I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer that quickly metastasized to my bones and liver, putting me into stage 4. The recommendation from my doctors was chemo for the rest of my life. Searching for complimentary medicine and modalities that would help…continue

Valerie, Client

My oncologist supported my decision to supplement my therapies with medical marijuana. I had little knowledge coming into the process and Ezra's friendly manner put me immediately at ease. He was able to educate me about which form of medical marijuana I needed for…continue

Nancy, Client
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