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Health Care Professionals

A few minutes of research online will reveal the many ways in which cannabis, and the research on the Endocannabinoid System, has lead to an increase in the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of patients across the country. Many marijuana users are effectively medicating with cannabis to alleviate symptoms and many marijuana users are unconsciously abusing the drug.

If you are a health professional interested in understanding how to discern and shape your patients’ use of marijuana, it is my mission to educate objectively. I use my knowledge of the sound science, as well as my interest in the gray areas of medicine such as placebo effect, consciousness, and alternative therapies. What strains, what ingestion methods, and an appropriate dose of cannabinoids is essential in providing relief without increasing potential for abuse.

I educate groups and individuals on-site and encourage patients to not only be open about medical marijuana with their health care providers, but to have their providers reach out to me for guidance on the subject.

Cannabis Industry Professionals

Whether you are in the industry or hoping to be, I believe an open and communicative network of knowledgeable individuals working together will increase the quality of care for patients, as well as help educate the public.

It is also my intention to foster a community of cannabis professionals who are locally based and who want to bring a high-consciousness focus to the local industry. If you want to learn about my work in the field, offer expertise, or network, I am available and open for dialogue.


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