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What is a cold-processed cannabis product? THCA CBDA

Cannabis that has never been heated has a different form of THC than heated, cooked, burned, or aged cannabis. Raw versions like fresh leaf, dried flower, and keif (the untouched trichomes that fall from flowers during processing) have THCA, and…

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The Problem With Cannabis Edibles

Pot brownies are a cultural phenomenon that most people are familiar with. But, although I am upfront with my children about medical marijuana and what adults use it for, I do not recommend creating any cannabis product that could be…

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Edibles, Glycerin, and Alcohol Tinctures

Medical marijuana is a subtle herb because it not only affects the Endocannabinoid System (receptors on nerve and immune synapses throughout the body) differently depending on how it is absorbed, but also alters your consciousness. We rarely talk about what…

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How to store your medical marijuana

After marijuana has dried it can cure for one week to six months. As it cures, its harshness decreases, it gets more potent, and the aromatic bouquet becomes more complex. Sunlight degrades THC and the resins so often it is…

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Glycerin Cannabis Tincture

Glycerin Cannabis Tincture Made with vegetable glycerin, medicinal effects of this tincture (pain relief, muscle relaxation, etc.) are sometimes felt without any psychoactive side effects. Nonetheless, start with a small measured dose such as 5-20 drops (an adult dose is…

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