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My oncologist supported my decision to supplement my therapies with medical marijuana. I had little knowledge coming into the process and Ezra’s friendly manner put me immediately at ease. He was able to educate me about which form of medical marijuana I needed for my diagnosis, proper dosing, etc. Ezra is both a passionate and compassionate advocate for medical marijuana, and readily shares data on the most recent studies to support best practices and best outcomes for my recovery. Most importantly Ezra is a kind, caring, bright, articulate individual who researches copious studies on medical marijuana as part of his consulting practice. I am very grateful to have access to a person that I can trust to lead the way in the process. I consider Ezra part of my “healing team” and a contributing factor to my still being here. I am a mom of two little boys with autism. I need to be here and I thank Ezra’s expertise for helping me do just that.

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