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I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer that quickly metastasized to my bones and liver, putting me into stage 4. The recommendation from my doctors was chemo for the rest of my life. Searching for complimentary medicine and modalities that would help with symptoms and side effects, took me around the globe and into many different alternative approaches. Throughout this quest, the use of Cannabis oil as a trial treatment was constantly referenced but very little was known about how this was actually used. Being very ill, I did not want to fool around with using the wrong strain in an incorrect manner. I asked my medical team but no one really had the data or knowledge to make a comprehensive plan.

Fortunately my research lead me to Ezra. His vast knowledge of the plant and how and why it works was very impressive. Ezra was able to answer every question I had and in the rare incident that he was not 100% sure, he did the research and got back to me. He patiently went through the process of helping me easily find the right method and amount to use.

Ezra has been readily available to advise and answer the questions that made it possible for me to hit a stride and embark on a 90 day cannabis oil trial. I could not have started this trial without Ezra. His knowledge and willingness to help gave me the confidence to believe that this trial could work in stopping the continued growth of cancer in my body. Ezra’s gentle and caring manner made the consultation comfortable and comprehensive. Knowing that he was behind me 100% gave me the courage to try something completely different and be hopeful. Three weeks into the trial, my energy is up, body pain has been reduced, I have found an increase in flexibility, increased range of motion and many other positive effects.

It has been a Godsend to have met Ezra, the service he provides is invaluable and has already greatly improved the quality of my life and just might save my life and the life of many others with cancer and other life threatening or debilitating illnesses.

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