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“Within 12 hours my joint pain was better and within a week it was completely gone! It also helped the back/neck pain I have had for years. I feel calm, peaceful, and optimistic about life lately and I think that might be, at least in part, due to the CBD too. CBD has changed my life.”

– M.A., Suffering from Lyme Disease

“What is interesting is that I did not feel any ‘high’ effects using Ezra’s CBD at all. Zero psychoactivity (in that negative sense) which is great to boost your mental power while working. I’ve tried different brands and most of them gave me a slight high… Ezra’s CBD is one of the few which doesn’t give you any ‘high’. Just symptom reduction.”

—L.B., Wisconsin

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer that quickly metastasized to my bones and liver, putting me into stage 4. The recommendation from my doctors was chemo for the rest of my life. Searching for complimentary medicine and modalities that would help with symptoms and side effects, took me around the globe and into many different alternative approaches. Throughout this quest, the use of Cannabis oil as a trial treatment was constantly referenced but very little was known about how this was actually used. Being very ill, I did not want to fool around with using the wrong strain in an incorrect manner. I asked my medical team but no one really had the data or knowledge to make a comprehensive plan.

Fortunately my research lead me to Ezra. His vast knowledge of the plant and how and why it works was very impressive. Ezra was able to answer every question I had and in the rare incident that he was not 100% sure, he did the research and got back to me. He patiently went through the process of helping me easily find the right method and amount to use.

Ezra has been readily available to advise and answer the questions that made it possible for me to hit a stride and embark on a 90 day cannabis oil trial. I could not have started this trial without Ezra. His knowledge and willingness to help gave me the confidence to believe that this trial could work in stopping the continued growth of cancer in my body. Ezra’s gentle and caring manner made the consultation comfortable and comprehensive. Knowing that he was behind me 100% gave me the courage to try something completely different and be hopeful. Three weeks into the trial, my energy is up, body pain has been reduced, I have found an increase in flexibility, increased range of motion and many other positive effects.

It has been a Godsend to have met Ezra, the service he provides is invaluable and has already greatly improved the quality of my life and just might save my life and the life of many others with cancer and other life threatening or debilitating illnesses.

My oncologist supported my decision to supplement my therapies with medical marijuana. I had little knowledge coming into the process and Ezra’s friendly manner put me immediately at ease. He was able to educate me about which form of medical marijuana I needed for my diagnosis, proper dosing, etc. Ezra is both a passionate and compassionate advocate for medical marijuana, and readily shares data on the most recent studies to support best practices and best outcomes for my recovery. Most importantly Ezra is a kind, caring, bright, articulate individual who researches copious studies on medical marijuana as part of his consulting practice. I am very grateful to have access to a person that I can trust to lead the way in the process. I consider Ezra part of my “healing team” and a contributing factor to my still being here. I am a mom of two little boys with autism. I need to be here and I thank Ezra’s expertise for helping me do just that.

When I met Ezra, I had more questions than answers, but I did have a belief that use of medical marijuana could provide my health with positive advantages. He answered my questions with scientific data to backup his statements with research and case histories. Ezra has so much integrity and compassion to help those who can benefit from the medical application of marijuana, and working with him has been a wonderful experience. He helped me figure out the best way to provide the right kind marijuana for my needs which include osteoarthritis and bursitis, and results have been spectacular.

Ezra is THE go-to person for marijuana consultation.  He is an expert on every aspect of using the plant. This is a wide area to cover for the inexperienced user and help is definitely needed.  Ezra provides valuable information with everything from growing, to method of use to the very different effects produced by each variety. Most importantly, Ezra cares about his clients and wants to see everyone get the relief they deserve! I highly recommend his consultation services to anyone needing support.

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